“We started to purse our dream in 2006. What we thought would be easy was progressively complicated with the emerging trend along the way: Tests and more tests, surgical, etc. After several negative attempts we was lucky to meet Doctor Espejo shortly after opening the doors of the FIVIR Institute. Doctor and all team have advised an supported us from the beginning and thanks to them we did not desist despite the negative points and all obstacles. Finally, after this journey for all these years and after a pregnancy complicated always under the supervision and the encouragement of FIVIR, in July did born our treasure, a girl about thirty weeks, healthy and very fighter“. -Laura

” My husband and me begin this long way convinced of that only we need a help and we would get at first time, but nothing more out of the reality.

It has been a hard way but, we never lost hope and the FIVIR team had a lot to do with it.

We got a pregnant but I lost it, the problem was my ovules. So they told about oocyte donation. It cost us to accept the situation, but, of course we decided yes. We thought that then we would get it, but, we couldn’t belive it, the first “beta” was negative. We tried again and, other time, negative, was horrible, I thought that we would never succeed, but the hope never lost it and we had clear that we would try again until we achieved it.

The next attempt gave pregnant “positive beta“ of 3 little embryos that fight to survive those who are my pretty girl, the love of our life that is now 6 months, a healthy and beautifull girl who wakes up in the morning with a smile and, we drool.

We do not have enough life to thank Marita and everything she have done for us. Thank you for making our dream come true, for one more reason to continue and to give you a precious life.” -Ana

“My husband and me have wanted to thank you for everything you have done so that our daughter is now with us.

She is a very Smart and, active girl, with a lot of genius but very nice. She eats very well and, loves to play with everyone, in the nursery with the other children, in the park, with my mother and my sisters and, with husband’s family.

We have a bit overwhelmed because we work both and, we can’t cope with the girl and, with the house, but when we come back at home tired of work, she is a great reward to be with our daughter.

She has been a great gift, as “fallen from heaven”.

She has filled our hearts with light, which were extinguished by the imminent death of my father.

She is an illusion and, an immense joy that we can enjoy of she each day of our life. She has been a pretty thing and at the same time most difficult thing that has happened to me in life. Thanks to my daughter I have returned to believe in God and, I feel that my father it is closer to me, because she is same to he and, because I know my father send she to me. I will be eternally grateful to Doctor Espejo and, I will take you in my heart all days of my live. I have the full happiness and peace with myself (although sometimes this girl pulls me out of my nerves because she is not quiet).

My daughter is a bean of light that illuminates with joy and chaim each Street that steps, every person that crosses and all my heart and my being. Thank you, thank you, and a million thanks!. I wish you the best in this life because you deserve it Doctor Espejo.” -Isabel

My son is now three months old. Is like all, he is giving away his first smiles in response to a stimulus, making his first weevils, trying to pick up Little things, discovering with great joy in a mirror..

My son is simply growing, I confess that with each one of his first things! get excited, also that with each of these new things, I remember Marita.

I remember the first time that I confessed to you my wish of become a mother,

of being it in spite of the age, in spite of a series of apparently adverse factors. I remember my tears when the perspective becomes scientifically difficult, when my dream was close to fade.

It has been a long and hard way. It has been a true and a safe way.

I have a precios son, a healthy son, a son… mine! And, nothing would have been possible without Marita. Nothing would have possible without your complicity, understanding and, Marita’s empathy.

-How to fase my fears?

-How to deal with the doubts that you live as trascendental?

-How to trust?

-How to continue?

It has been possible thanks to Marita. It has been possible thanks to being able, to fill with energy the worst moments with the force and, confidence borrowed by Marita. ** She was right. My son is proof that she was right, that joint determination was the formula to achieve it.

Today, I can only say thank you. I can only say that my son is a dream fulfilled thanks to a good job that has a hard to do with affection. Thank you Marita, for making me so happy”. -Lydia

When we sit for the first time in your doctor’s office I was anxious. I felt sure of the decision that we had taken. We came from another province and I remember that first trip to FIVIR Institute was the most exciting trip. I did by car, and it was a long travel. I remember how you explained the process to us, the way you detailed our options. I also remember that for the first time I realized that there was an option for something that were wrong and that we did not achieve our goal as easily or as quickly as we expected. But our decision was taken long ago.

Now, a year later and, with my son in my arms, that first conversation is a tender and, strange memory at the same time, which makes me smile when it comes to my mind.

Marita, thank you for joining us in the whole treatment, for your warmth, thank you for no leaving us any moment, for attending  our calls of our stress and untimely hours and for dispelling our fears. The rest of the work is up to us, I trust that it will be as good as it has been so far. And, we do not rule out looking for a little sister for Carles. We will mark it

As a new year’s wish” -Andrea

I need to write this lines. My treatments haven’t been successful and, we have had that give up to our dream of to being parents.

You see, anything so easy of to write, for me is too difficult of assimilate. Very difficult. But it’s done. We are exhausted.

When we went to FIVIR Institute we was tired to go from one place to another, try other doctors and, to expend more money.

After seven years married, we wait each month a pregnancy that not coming, we decided look for help. We expend more time and, the way has been for both  of us really hard.

With the fear that I had to have an unwanted child in my university years, what irony!

Finally, someone told me about you and, we went to your clinic without almost energy.

I thank you that you spoke clear to us from the first time, that you explained to us with sweetie our less options, that wasn’t question selling a treatment. In spite of everything we made the last tried. I did not get my pregnancy but, this time I have the conviction of we have done all possible things. I need to pass the page, but no without before thanks to you, your professional attention again. A hug for everyone. ” – María Teresa

Since have many years I have had a dream, a big dream. I would like to be mom. But, when past years, the family circumstances, I don’t have partner and my age, made my dream go away more and more.

Until one day, luckily, I heard about you and, I decided to go on a first visit. While I was going there I had many doubts, I didn’t knew if it would be a cold thing, if would run out of there or if you would understand what my situation was.

But I have to say that it was the best decision I have made in my life, knowing you has been a pleasure, you have made me feel as if you were at home, as if you were part of my family.

For many doubts I had when I get there was like being at home, Marita simply with her voice makes her calm, she explained step by step how we were going to do things and made me to see that my dream of being a mother become a reality.

If I had any questions or concerns, I just had to call you and you would reassure me and solve it.

Now I’m three months pregnant, anxious that everything goes well and have the baby in my arms, and if so, everything will be thanks to you Marita for everythings you did and because I know that always you will be there for me, thanks to you and your team, because you are big professionals but above all you are people with big heart.

Thanks Marita, thanks Silvia, thanks Vicente. I hope you have a full of successes future. ” -Mireia

Dear FIVIR family, I reached your hands through a relative. After four years of fight for a dream, I felt disappointed and very downcast. I remember my first words with Marita after show her my reports. I said: “ Please, I need you speak to me really clear”. I would like to know my possibilities and my alternatives.

Said and done; never anybody ever spoke to me so clear. My problem was an endometriosis with the consequent premature aging and dysfunction of the ovaries. My best option, an ovodonation.

My illusion of always had been to have a biologic son and another adopted. I wanted know what it is like to live in my womb and give a better life to a Little heart that was already beating. If I considered ovodonation, I had a two in one.

I was offering life to a being that, because of its conditions, never have been born and I could feed it and feel it in my belly. And since being a parents is a matter of two, my guy and I decided that if we wanted to have

a family, it was the best option for us.

The preparations lasted about three months because, my body did not react as expected while Marita encouraged us, she telling us that until everything was ready I did not want to risk, that we had to be patient, that we would leave with our baby.

One day without have time and without to know nothing, Marita say us: Guys, we are ready!

Marita say us: I want you on Wednesday for the spermiogram and to you | wait you on Monday for to make the transfer.

Oh my God! What mix of feelings, nerves, ilusion, expectation…

We was five days ago waiting, Silvia was all the time expecting us and she informed us avery days about our babies. A finally in August 4th was “the day”. During the transfer there was some complications. We didn’t knew why they didn’t want or couldn’t enter babies. Even so, Marita put all her efforts and got to open the way for them.

The week passed normally, I did not felt anything, perhaps, some more accentuated scents, but Little thing. The next week passed bad, between sick and diarrhea.

Days passed… And, when I arrived at the clinic for the test results and I saw to Vicente, I crying disconsolately, I sensed that something was wrong. Confirmed, the result of the analytics was negative. Again another slap.

Not satisfied with the results, in September Marita proposed to us a new test  to find the cause of complications. They tested me, I don’t know what is their name and, we discovered that cervix was deviated and, that prevented them from entering with a “Vip“ pass to the babies. It arrived in October 6th and with this “ace up sleeves” Marita Drew a highway to the uterus and transferred 3 embryos successfully.

Well, there was a lazy, but, at the end he also entered, ha, ha, ha…

October 15th at 9:00 am, Vicente welcomes me as always with his smile and, his words of encouragement. Once again I arrived at the analytics test, because three days ago, I had the same symptoms that the last time.

The make me the analytics and, at 10 am. I receive his call.

– “I’m Vicente of FIVIR, I pass to you with Silvia, our biology.

– Ok, I wait to her…

– Hi, I’m Silvia, I have the results analytics. It is positive.

– I can’t to determine how many are but, you are pregnant”.

I can’t listen more, I started crying. I was in the street, people looked to me but, I was indifferent, Silvia on the other side of the phone was telling to me: Calm down…! ; That,  in my state was not  too good to cry, but at that moment I allowed myself.

Gee…! What a high…!

I had been looking forward to that moment since four long and hard years and, finally positive, we were going to be parents. Simply… I was happy!

Well, what happened later you can imagine. I called my guy to tell him that we were going to be “popes”, he was so happy that dropped his phone from his hands. Ha, ha, ha…!

I spoke with my mother that was waiting my call, she was made a “Bunch of nerves“. She was having a coffee with my father and, for celebrate it, also ask for a “bocata“ for midday. Ha, ha, ha…!

When I tell to my father in law and, my mother in law, was a brust of joy, hugs, tears of illusions…

Finally, FIVIR’s family, this are my days among you. I don’t know how to thank you for making my dreams come true. My baby of nine gestation weeks and me, are very well and father pampered so much both of us.

To you Vicente, thanks for being my tear cloth. Thank you for receiving me always with a smile and make me feel like at home,  you are the best, do not change

To you Silvia, thank you for take care of my babies like they were yours and thank you for this wonderful book of my embryos, their were so pretty.

To you Rosa, I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting to you but, I’m sure that you are wonderful.

And to you, Marita, when I was on yours arms, I hadn’t hope and, you get came back my dream. It has been too hard but, it has been worth with efforts. Thank you for give me tips like my mother. Thanks for make real my illusions.

Thanks for give life to this project that name is: Be parents.” -Ángela

Seven out of ten patients in our center achieve a pregnancy on the first attempt

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