Nutritional and sports orientation

The influence of a healthy lifestyle on the options of achieving a pregnancy is demonstrated.


It is important that women who have decided to become pregnant review their diet, improve their habits and initiate an active life physically. Overweight and obesity complicate the achievement of a pregnancy.

Male fertility is also reduced. Therefore, an adequate diet and regular physical activity to achieve a pregnancy, but also to control weight during pregnancy and accelerate the physical recovery of the mother after giving birth.

Our professionals also focus on the best diet for each patient and the most conveniente type of exercise in each case. As well as, which one is better not to do.


Psychological Support

The road that leads to motherhood is full of uncertainties and doubts.


Our team offers psychological support to patients who request it. Because we know assisted reproduction treatments are often accompained by moments of uncertainty, doubts and fears that it is important to dispel.

And we are also aware that a good mood contributes to the success of the treatment and the good evolution of pregnancy.


Seven out of ten patients in our center achieve a pregnancy on the first attempt

Make your dream come true

Personalized treatments

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