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At Instituto FIVIR you will find a team with professionals focused on your pregnancy and become a mum.

We are conscious and aware that many women go through a complex stage in the search for a child that does not come by natural means and therefore we offer comprehensive support.

Our team of Assisted Reproduction is made up of specialist with a large national and international professional experience.


Fundación Instituto FIVIR born in 2010 with finality to promove awareness initiatives en society.

Fundación Instituto reproduccion asistida Fivir


A good diagnosis is the best start to get a pregnancy. During the first contact, the main objective is to evaluate your situation.

For this we will request a corresponding analytics, or, if the patient already provides them the results will be analyzed to guide you to an assisted reproduction treatment or another.

The gynecologist may request any additionals tests that he deems appropriate in order to identify the reason why the conception is making you wait.

The first meeting, also, will serve for that you receive guidelines and orientations about measures to promote the pregnancy.Of course, we will attend and clarify your doubts and your worries. At the end of the medical visit our administrative department will provide you with a detailed budget for you to evaluate it.If you try to get pregnant since  a year without success, or for six months, if you are over 35 years old, ask for an appointment, and we will study your case.


If you look for get pregnant since a year without success, or for six months, if you are over 35 years old, it is time to contact a specialist to help you overcome sterility. In the Instituto FIVIR we offer to you the possibility of performing all assisted reproduction techniques and treatments with clinic in Valencia.

Assisted reproduction, also is called artificial fertilization, en compasses the set of techniques and treatments used for reproduction and achieving pregnancy when the natural process of fertilization is net effective.

Treatments Assisted reproduction includes the artificial insemination that it is intrauterine insemination, the in vitro fecundation also knew as FIV or IVF in english, the sperm microinyection , also knew as ICSI, and treatments that include oocyte donation, embryo donation, fertility preservation with vitrification or freezing oocyte, vitrification or freezing embryo and any assisted reproduction treatment that requires sperm donation, that is, a seminal sample from a sperm bank.

In the first informative appointment to the Instituto FIVIR assisted reproduction in Valencia, each patient is evaluated, initiating research and diagnosing the causes of sterility or infertility that may exist and offering the alternatives of assisted reproduction treatment more appropriate for each woman or couple.

How is any assisted reproduction technique performed?

In a first moment, it is necessary to study the state of healthty  of the patient and, also her partner if she has. This study must be complete, studying the ovarian reserve, which is supported by hormonal analyzes and an antral follicle count in the woman, as well as, a vaginal ultrasound that allows to evaluate if the reproductive system is well and does not present alterations that could hinder the pregnancy. In the male, the basic study is based in spermiogram, with an additional test that is the sperm capacitation which allows to know how many sperm are good to produce a pregnancy.

At the Instituto FIVIR for assisted reproduction,  in Valencia Clinic, we provide you with all the means for a correct study of the causes of infertility or sterility, or also to recommend the most appropriate assisted reproduction treatment for you, if you want to be a single mother or you have a female partner.

Assisted reproduction treatments are short procedures in duration and the woman does suffered no side effects that put her health at risk.

Normally this treatment is divided into two processes. First, we perform the task of stimulating  ovaries. Controlled ovarian stimulation allows us to know and control when ovulation is going to be and therefore proceed to artificial intrauterine insemination at the time when the possibility of pregnancy is higher, or produce the growth of a high number of follicles and therefore, the maduration of a large number of ovules to either vitrify or freeze, or to fertilize with sperm from the semined sample of the couple or from a sample from a sperm donation.

In assisted reproduction treatments with IVF in vitro fertilization or ICSI sperm microinjection, the embryos Will be incubated and observed during the first days of development and either introduced into the uterus in a procedure called embryo transfer, or they are subjected to a cryopreservation procedure by vitrification in order to be transfered to the uterus afterwards.

The way in the which the ovules or oocytes are obtained to make an IVF or an ICSI is through the ovarian puncture and aspiration of the follicles for the uptake of the ovules that are inside. Once they are obtained, they are observed and treated in the IVF laboratory to know the quality and madurity of each one of the ovules. After insemination is carried out in vitro, in the laboratory, and passed to the incubators, where they will be maintained under ideal culture conditions until the moment of embryo transfer or embryo vitrification.

In the Instituto FIVIR of assisted reproduction in Valencia, the laboratory has the Time-Lapse System of embryos incubation by Embryoscope, which allows to obtain a film of the embryo from the first day until the day of the transfer. The Embryoscope incubator offer the best monitoring of the embryonic development and, therefore to know which Embryo has more capacity to implant and give pregnancy.

When it  decided to save the embryos to be transferred in a subsequent cycle, they are treated through a vitrification process in which cryoprotective substances are added before being introduced in a nitrogen liquid  tank at  -196 degrees Celsius of temperature.

This vitrification procedure is also what is done to make the cryopreservation of ovules in case of fertility preservation   in women who wish to postpone motherhood for futur.

If you need more information about these techniques of assisted reproduction that so many women, in recent years, have decided to entrusted  us, you can send us an email to or call us at +34 647 749 873 ( available also by whatsapp).

Seven out of ten patients in our center achieve a pregnancy on the first attempt

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