Do you want to be a donor?

The donation of gametes (eggs or sperm) is a voluntary and altruistic act but the clinic undertakes to make financial compensation to compensate for physical discomfort, travel and / or labor expenses arising from the donation.

Do you want to be a donor?

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Most common faqs?

How many times can I donate?

Oocytes donations are established by each center according to its needs, but by law, there can be no more than 6 live births of the same donor (including their own children).

As with the process of Oocytes donation, there is a limit of 6 children begotten by donor. By the time this limit is reached, all donor samples are destroyed.

Are all people good enough to be donors?

   No. To participate in our donation program, Oocyte and sperm donors must be between 18 and 30 years old. Their health, psychological and reproductive status will be assessed preferably.

If I’m rejected as a donor, does that mean I’m not fertile?

   No. Our donor selection process is very thorough and therefore not all people who wish to donate are accepted. However, that does not mean that there is a fertility problem.

Does my fertility promise to be a donor?

 Not at all. In men the production of sperm is continuous.

 Not at all. In women the follicles that are stimulated are the same as those that would be lost in a normal menstrual cycle.

If I donate my gametes, can I be located in the future?

   No, but with legal exceptions :

“Children born are entitled by themselves or by their legal representatives to obtain general information from donors that does not include their identity. Recipients of gametes and pre-embryos have the same right. Only exceptionally, in extraordinary circumstances involving a certain danger to the life or health of the child or when proceeding under criminal procedural laws, may the identity of donors be disclosed, provided that such disclosure is indispensable to avoid the danger or to achieve the intended legal purpose. Such disclosure shall be of a restricted nature and shall in no case involve publicity of the identity of the donors.”

If I donate my gametes, can I revoke their donation?

   “The donation can only be revoked if the donor needs the donated gametes for himself, provided that on the date of revocation they are available. The revocation shall be followed by the return by the donor of all expenses of any kind incurred by the receiving centre.”

Art.5.2 Assisted Reproduction Act 2006

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