Artificial Insemination (IA)

It consists of the intrauterine deposit of a seminal sample, prepared in the laboratory, at the time of ovulation.

What is it?

We talk about conjugal Artificial Insemination (IAC), when the technique is performed with sperm of the partner, or of Artificial Insemination of Donor (IAD), when the seminal sample comes from the sperm bank.

The artificial insemination cycles starts with an ovarian stimulation treatment to promote follicular and ovocytic growth and maturation. On the other hand, sperm, which has been previously processed in the laboratory to achieve the most mobile sperm, is deposited inside the uterus using a soft cannula. It is a painless procedure that is practiced in the consultation itself.

The minimum duration of the pharmacological treatment is 5-6 days, although it will vary according to the characteristics of each patient.


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