Egg donation is the treatment that is done thanks to the donation of the female gametes (oocyte) by a woman between 18 and 35 years old to the receiving woman.

What is it?

With the reception of oocytes, the female sex cell (oocyte) is provided by a different woman, willing to donate egg to which she will become pregnant. The choice of the donor is made on the basis of the physical and analytical characteristics of the receiving, and the affiliation of both will remain anonymous as specifically provided for in the Assisted Reproduction Act.

The donated oocytes are fertilized by sperm microinjection (ICSI) with the sperm of the patient partner or with donor sperm. The embryos obtained will be transferred to the patient (a maximum of three).

Egg donation does not affect the future fertility of the donor or advance the age of menopause, does not raise the risk of gynaecological cancer and does not produce weight gain.

This treatment is recomended to womens who have undergone surgery and have no ovaries, or who do not function because they have reached the menopausal state or received very aggressive treatments at the cellular level such as radio or chemotherapy.

It is also an alternative when the woman is at risk of transmitting to the offspring some type of hereditary disease or when other assisted reproductive treatments where own oocytes have been used, have failed.

Are you looking for a clinic to donate eggs in Valencia?

There are many women who want to donate eggs to help those women who, due to age or health problems, can not become pregnant naturally and need to go to assisted reproduction. In our clinic you will be able to donate eggs in Valencia with the best and most advanced technology and, above all, with total safety and confidence.

This procedure has been regulated by Spanish legislation since 1988, guaranteeing, in all cases the ethics of the medical processes involved and the health of both donors and embryo.

It is possible to donate eggs between the ages of 18 and 35 and it is done in a totally anonymous manner, that is to say, there can be no knowledge between the donor and the mother who is going to receive the egg. It is for this reason that it is necessary to sign a document in accordance with this law.

What processes should be done prior to inclusion in the egg donation program?

  • To carry out blood tests to know the state of health and to detect if it is a carrier of the most frequent genetic diseases in our environment.
  • Give the egg donor a gynecological exam
  • Conduct a psychological study

Donating an egg is easy trusting Instituto FIVIR and our team of experts. This donation is a voluntary act, completely solidary and it is for this reason that we want to offer the best service with the greatest comfort and security so that this treatment is a beautiful experience for you, for the symbolism and purpose it has: to help other women fulfill the dream of being mothers.

What should I do once the tests have been carried out in order to be an egg or sperm donor at Instituto FIVIR?

Once the results of tests performed on the egg donor or sperm donor are considered correct and suitable for donation, treatment will be scheduled to obtain the eggs and, in the case of men, successive donations of semen samples will be scheduled as well as the quarantine period until these samples can be used for women or couples who may need them.

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