What is FIVIR?

You are the most important for INSTITUTO FIVIR.. That is why we put all effort in make reality your dream.
And the success rates support our serious and committed specialists team daily work. Consult us without obligation, you will not regret it.



  • We put at your disposal a professional team with the best level in their specialties and with internationale experience.
  • We have the most advanced technology and the most revolutionary techniques in assisted reproduction to make your wishes come true.
  • We are focused on each patient with a closed and personalized treatment, aware that each women’s state of mind is a factor to keep in mind for any technique of assisted reproduction.
  • Our clinic is located in Valencia, next to “ La Ciudad de las Ciencias”( City of Sciences) with easy Access to our installations.
  • We have no waiting list, so you will be attended at the earliest possible time.
  • We guarantee maximum discretion and confidentiality for your peace of mind.
  • For our success rates, including cases of major difficulty.


Design and technology

Our center offer the most innovated technology, getting to develop the most advanced procedure with maximum security and confidence.
The facilities of our laboratory are specially designed to perform all assisted reproduction techniques.

We undertake a daily control of the temperature, humidity and ambient air quality, as well as, a record of all the possible variations that the incubators and the rest of the devices may present, so that they are always in optimal conditions with the aim of guaranteeing the maximum quality in the daily work.


Dra. Marita Espejo

Medical director

Dra Espejo has a long and intense career in reproductive medicine Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of the University of Valencia.

She completed her training as a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the General University Hospital of Valencia and with a doctorate in Medicine and Surgery with the Cum Laude outstanding qualification.

Vicente Eulogio Badía


Maria Jesús Rupérez López

Departamento Internacional

Barbara Silvera Gijón


Silvia Arroniz Echevarría


Marina Cob Ferrer

Auxiliary Nurse

Vicente Chisvert Cuenca

Specialty anesthesiology

Fundación Instituto

The Fundación Instituto FIVIR was created in 2010 with the purpose of promoting initiatives of awareness in society. Reproductive medicine is a discipline that should be understood as a speciality and not be a taboo, as it still happens among a part of the population.

The Foundation has published various informative books, organizes training courses and also solidarity campaigns, such as the one that for years encourages to collect toys for the Benefit of the Spanish Red Cross.

Seven out of ten patients in our center achieve a pregnancy on the first attempt

Make your dream come true

Personalized treatments

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